i envy your ignorance. i hear that it's bliss.
An Ode to Mary Ellen, An Ode to Emmy

May all your days be so full of love
Always know you make the world shine
Remember that you are important too
Yesterdays are gone today you are strong

Even if days become black and hard
Life has a way of bouncing back
Look to the sky and remind your sun to smile
Everything is before you the world at your feet
Nothing shall stop you or halt you my dear

Eternally you hold my thank yous
More and more with each day
May your future be made of smiles
You are my hero, my savior, my friend

Thank you.

go on YouTube and look at this /watch?v=YOa7ZjxRuKM
— Anonymous

i saw that earlier today!!!! god bless

What is is short for?
— Anonymous

Mary Ellen!

M for Mary, E for Ellen, M.E. I changed the spelling to “Emmy” when I was very little to confuse the hell out of everyone and also because they spell it like that in Dragon Tales B)

i just woke up from a completely unintentional 3 hr nap and it’s time to finish getting ready to go to college vvvvv

Is Emmy short for Emilia? I think that would be cool because then you have the same name as Emilia Clarke
— Anonymous

that would be really cool haha but no, unfortunately not

Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk.

He’s a liar.

today is full of shit

a stimulating reminder of our power over life and death.


can you feel the east wind.

And I’m sure it won’t be the last time we hear the name Irene Adler. In fact, I’m pretty certain he’s getting texts from her. It’s funny, in the time I’ve known him, I’ve never seen him take the slightest interest in a woman but this one… She’s got to him.  x