who run the world? girls

cries a lil bit over how fantastic my internet friends are and how i’ll be meeting a lot of them in a few months

good night, loves

I’m not used to being wanted

6 Word Poem (via hefuckin)

yeah i've seen nemosland in a few tinychats and wowzers. He's cute AND loves math ^_^ and that cute crazy hair. he just makes me asdfghjkl;
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Cate Blanchett photographed by Brigitte Lacombe for Vanity Fair France, April 2014

She’ll tear a hole in you, the one you can’t repair

nemosland replied to your post: “/whispers/ nemosland”:

this is so adorable


the 1995 Pride and Prejudice is so great it’s like *sticks exactly to the book, sticks exactly to the book, sticks exactly to the book COLIN FIRTH IN A WET SHIRT sticks exactly to the book, sticks exactly to the book*

You and endless-universes
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aww they’re adorbs!!!

and thank  you bb omg that’s so sweet

adoringsam she makes me asksdjfghasdfhjsd. i want to squish her face and tell her she's cute
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awww what a cutie!

send her a cute anon and squish her cheeks and tell her she’s adorable it’ll make her smile bb

/whispers/ nemosland
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oh my god who has a crush on nemos!? that’s adorable i wanna know who you are thAT’S SO CUTE

ktmf2point0...you'll never guess who i am
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i have not the slightest idea who this could possibly be

(but you two are both the absolute cutest heart eyes @ u)

bear-about ahhhhh he's such a qt
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oh my god what a cutie!!!!

willingtofight uwu
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omgomg this is so cute thank you bb /kisses ur cheek